2002- The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan
2002- The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan
Puntuacion: 8
Estilos: Album Rock, Blues-Rock, Electric Texas Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Modern Electric Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Texas Blues


'The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble' reúne en dos discos el trabajo del guitarrista, incluyendo muchas presentaciones en vivo y algunas pistas como Vaughan Brothers. La colección presenta un material mas o menos en orden cronológico. Temas como 'Shake for Me', 'Life by the Drop', 'Tightrope', 'Wall of Denial', 'Couldn't Stand the Weather', 'Cold Shot', 'The Sky Is Crying', 'Superstition' y 'Rude Mood / Hide Away'. Realmente este disco no ofrece nada que no haya sido editado de una forma u otra.



Shake For Me (Live) (W. Dixon) 3:49
2.- Rude Mood/Hide Away (Live) (F. King, S. Thompson, S. R. Vaughan) 4:57
3.- Love Struck Baby (S. R. Vaughan) 2:22
4.- Pride And Joy (S. R. Vaughan) 3:39
5.- Texas Flood (J. W. Scott, L. C. Davis) 5:21
6.- Mary Had A Little Lamb (B. Guy) 2:47
7.- Lenny (S. R. Vaughan) 4:57
8.- Scuttle Buttin' (S. R. Vaughan) 1:52
9.- Couldn't Stand The Weather (S. R. Vaughan) 4:41
10.- The Things (That) I Used To Do (E.Jones) 4:54
11.- Cold Shot (M. Kindred, W. C. Clark) 4:01
12.- Tin Pan Alley (Aka Roughest Place In Town) (R. Geddins) 9:12
13.- Give Me Back My Wig (H. D. Taylor) 4:07
14.- Empty Arms (S. R. Vaughan) 3:29
15.- The Sky Is Crying (Live) (C. Lewis, E. James, M. Levy) 7:20
16.- Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live) (J. Hendrix) 11:53


Say What! (S. R. Vaughan) 5:23
2.- Look At Little Sister (H. Ballard) 3:08
3.- Change It (D. Bramhall) 3:57
4.- Come On (Part III) (Earl King) 4:30
5.- Life Without You (S. R. Vaughan) 4:18
6.- Little Wing (J. Hendrix) 6:48
7.- Willie The Wimp (Live) (B. Carter, R. Ellsworth) 4:35
8.- Superstition (Live) (S. Wonder) 4:41
9.- Leave My Girl Alone (Live) (B. Guy) 4:47
10.- The House Is Rockin' (D. Bramhall, S. R. Vaughan) 2:24
11.- Crossfire (C. Layton, R. Wynans, R. Ellsworth-Carter, T. Shannon) 4:10
12.- Tightrope (D. Bramhall, S. R. Vaughan) 4:39
13.- Wall Of Denial (D. Bramhall, S. R. Vaughan) 5:36
14.- Riviera Paradise (S. R. Vaughan) 8:50
15.- Telephone Song (The Vaughan Bros.) (D. Bramhall, S. R. Vaughan) 3:28
16.- Long Way From Home (The Vaughan Bros.) (D. Bramhall, S. R. Vaughan) 3:15
17.- Life By The Drop (B. Logan, D. Bramhall) 2:27